Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is LIghtsOnSites?

LightOnSites is a Web-based facility control and scheduling system that works on any web-enabled device. The system schedules, controls and bills for use of Facilities within Entities (City, School Districts, HOA's and other organizations -- public and private). Facilities include, but may not be limited to, recreational ball fields, tennis courts or riding rings. We can also help you manage virtually anything automated with standard off and on time clock replacement like security lighting parking lot lighting and bathroom locking .

2. Who can setup an account on LightOnSites?

Anyone with an email account can setup a LightsOnSites account. At a base level everyone is a User. You may also be "invited" into groups by an Administrator of an Entity (City, School district, HOA) or Organization. When you are added, additional login dashboard icons will appear so you can use the system according to your User Status.

3. I am a member of multiple groups. Do I have a login for each group.

No, you only have one login that covers the entire system and all your User Roles. As you get invited in groups the dashboard icons appear that allows you into the area of control.

4. When I login there are more Dashboard Icons appearing why is that?

As you become a member of multiple organizations, an icon for each organization will appear. This allows you to be a board member of one group, a coach at another and be able to play at public walk on courts as an Individual User.

5. Can I "walk-on" and play on any field or court?

These is a setting that is determined by the Entity in control. Restrictions are set that determine if the Facility is "public walk-on" or not. Also the entity can restrict the "public walk-on" to only those within an address range.

6. How do I get training on how to use the LightsOnSites system?

For immediate assistance online, please visit the How it Works page and select the area for which you would like training. Organization Admins may contact LightsOnSites to request on-site training for your user groups. We will soon be offering an email for direct training requests for Organizations and Groups only.

7. What happens to my reservation in the event of a rainout/inclement weather or when a facility is unavailable for maintenance?

Currently, your reservation will be cancelled and you will be notified. LightsOnSites system upgrades are in the works. You will be informed of upgrades and additional features as we enhance the system.

8. Can I cancel or change a reservation that has made for me?

Cancellations may be handled by your Entity. Please contact your Entity Admin for assistance.